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Elevate your home with Viridian Solar’s cutting-edge solar energy solutions! Whether you reside in a bustling city, a tranquil rural area, or a remote location, we specialize in tailoring solar energy systems to meet your unique needs. Our dedicated team not only sources top-of-the-line equipment but also ensures a secure and code-compliant installation, bringing the power of sustainable energy right to your doorstep. Illuminate your space with Viridian – where innovation meets reliability!

Homeowner Options

Discover the power of choice with us:

  • Opt for grid tie, grid tie with battery, or go completely off-grid.
  • Elevate your space with roof or ground mount solar solutions.
  • Charge ahead with residential electric vehicle chargers.
  • Ensure uninterrupted energy with battery backup during outages.

Join the ranks of smart homeowners
embracing a sustainable future. Smaller bills,
pay less into the future.

Ryan Windsor

Central Saanich, BC, Canada

Viridian Energy Coop was contracted by the Windsor family to maximize solar production on their home’s roof. Steep and high roof structure was challenging but the right safety equipment and ladder lift resulted in a safe install without compromising quality.

Murray Fraser

Grid-Tie – Thetis Island, BC, Canada

Viridian Energy Coop worked with client Murray Fraser, who recently moved to Thetis Island, to find the best location on his property for a solar array. Various options were considered and modeled before it was settled on the new Horse barn that Murray constructed. This 3.3kW system will help the Frasers offset 3600kWh of electricity from their BC Hydro bill each year.

Solar Done Right

  • Customized design and quote for every project
  • Electrical design and installation by qualified and experienced personnel
  • Leak-free, structurally sound investment designed to last a 30+ year lifespan
  • Bulk purchases and a stocked warehouse ensures best price and equipment availability

Which Solar Energy System is Right For You?

Solar Photovoltaic Grid Tie

Suitable for homeowners that are on the Utility Grid and are looking to offset their electrical usage with Solar.

Solar Energy Battery Backup

Suitable for homeowners that already have power from the Utility and would like short or long-term energy back up.

Off-Grid Solar Energy

Suitable for remote fulltime or vacation homes where there is no utility power available.

How to work with us

Unlock the Power of Solar in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1. Discover Solar – learn about the benefits of solar energy.

Step 2. Connect with Us – complete a system-specific form for a tailored consultation.

Step 3. Receive an initial cost estimate and personal video conference to discuss details with our experienced consultants.

Step 4. Site Assessment – schedule a site visit for a comprehensive quote, let’s be sure.

Step 5. Seamless Installation – watch your solar vision come to life.